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come and let this man adore you

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Name:Nikolas Avis

I am hidden thus from my duties, I can escape the moral law.
Isn't it written, didn't Lord Krishna himself say that we mustn't
relinquish the action we are born to, even if it is flawed?
Didn't he say a fire is obscured by smoke? You can't see far
into the city on a night like this, the blanket, the cool smell
of the sea, the dampness that sits like velvet on the rose bushes
and the African lilies and the fenders of the neighbor's truck.
You don't want less love—this ground has been covered before—
you want more love, even when you can't say what it means,
even when it binds you to the world, which you can only lose.

Frank X. Gaspar

"No," Nikolas said, and his voice went hard, sharp and jagged as broken glass. "I'm sick of everyone thinking there's something more to it -- I'm sick of people looking in the wrong places to find out anything about me. I know myself. I know who I am. I know what I feel and I am sick--" he pulled Winter closer again and kissed him hard, his teeth grazing now against Winter's lower lip, "and tired--" another kiss, this one more of a bite than anything else, lingering to suckle it before he drew back, his eyes burning, "of people trying to second guess me. Do you understand?"

Court app/(out of date) OC info is here! Check out the rest of the journal for ~character development~ and canon info.
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